Everyone Can Celebrate The Winter Solstice

Whether you know it or not, your family is already celebrating the solstice. Most traditions have a celebration marking the shortest day of the year, why not create an inclusive celebration that let’s your family and friends celebrate together regardless of their religious (or non-religious)orientation.

No matter if your family is made up of differing faiths, or no faith - you can all come together and Celebrate the Winter Solstice. The solstice merly marks the passage of the earth around the sun. The winter solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere between December 21st and 25th, and in the southern hemisphere from June 21st and 25th.

Decoration & Craft Ideas

One of the most beloved aspects of most holiday celebrations is the opportunity to create a warm, beautiful environment in your home. Here are some ideas for creating decorations and making your home a showplace for the holidays.

Feasting - Recipes

Most of us have favorite holiday foods. We grow up with turkey and pumpkin pie, cookies and mashed potatoes covered in creamery butter and gravy. Many of our fondest holiday memories are connected to food. All of it seems to smell and taste better when it is served with decorations and holiday music.

How to Celebrate the Solstice

There are many solstice traditions and most of them are based on some ancient form of religion. We would like to work with our friends that use this site to create a tradition that is comfortable and inclusive. We are not interested in having a “war” with anyone or challenging their beliefs. We simply want to make it easy for people to have a celebration and enjoy a very special time of year.

During winter the days are shorter than the nights. At the mid-point of winter (usually around December 21st in the northern hemisphere, or June 21st in the southern hemisphere) we have the longest night of the year. The extended darkness means that we spend more time indoors, more time in community. It is a time to be together with family and friends, to stay warm together and share special food and remembrances. Over the millennia many religious traditions have chosen this unique time of year to celebrate rituals. But no matter your personal beliefs, the Winter Solstice is the perfect time to celebrate and mark life’s forward progress, as we yet again travel around the sun together.